Homemade liqueurs in Somma Vesuviana

The sun of the Vesuvius in a bottle: liqueurs and distillates of the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo

Campania is a region with strong culinary traditions, meals are considered as convivial moments.
Dinners and lunches are long and include many rich and tasty dishes accompanied by chats and laughs.
And what is better than a glass of liqueur or distillate to conclude an abundant meal and help you digest? Better if it is homemade and if this is not possible, the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo provides you with its homemade liqueurs, which are as good as your homemade ones.
The farm produces homemade liqueurs in Somma Vesuviana, which combine genuine ingredients and are made by skilled artisans, following recipes jealously passed down over time.

They include:

  • Ex Nucibus or the “Nocillo”, the alcoholic extract of the nut hull obtained through an ancient tradition. It might be sipped plain or on the rocks. The nuts are accurately selected from the trees cultivated in the Vesuvius National Park and harvested, according to the traditions, the night before the Day of St John Baptist, on June, 23rd, during the summer solstice, when the trees are in their full vegetative strength. Its black colour comes from the presence of the tannins in the green nuts, but also in the leaves and in the whole tree. These substances have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and depurative properties and make the “Nocillo” a medicine-liqueur.
  • Chrysomelon or the distillate of apricots, characterized by a delicate flavour and a clear fruity fragrance. Especially pleasing to the palate and to the nose, the distillate “Χρυσόμήλο” might be sipped at the end of the meal or in any other moment of the day. The key, in this case, is to sip and nurse it in a tulip-shaped glass, and serve it at approximately 12°C. It might be tasted alone or used for cooking, to prepare delicious sorbets or plain ice-creams. The apricots, “crisommi” in the dialect from Somma Vesuviana, are a typical cultivation of the Vesuvius area. To make the liqueur the apricots are harvested when they are ripe and fresh, from the trees cultivated in the Vesuvius National Park.

The homemade liqueurs in Somma Vesuviana are with no doubts very requested but the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo gives its clients another delicacy: the Ke’rasos, or the drunken cherries.
They are a true treat, made of simple ingredients like pure alcohol and cherries.
The latter are of the “Malizia” variety of Mount Somma and characterized by large size, red dotted skin, tender pulp and a slightly acid taste.
They are harvested in May and,following an old recipe, they are stored with alcohol for the rest of the year, to have this delicacy always at hand.

Homemade liqueurs Somma Vesuviana