Homemade jams in Somma Vesuviana

The homemade fruit jams, for a tasty explosion

The Azienda Agricola Don Camillo not only deals with the production of Piennolo tomatoes and their related products, but also with delicious homemade jams in Somma Vesuviana.
They are extra jams, because they have a minimum fruit amount of 45%.
Delicious, genuine and made according to the oldest recipes, the farm’s jams are made with apricots, cherries and mulberries.
For the apricot extra jam, they use the “pellecchielle”, a special variety grown in the Vesuvius National Park.
Typically Neapolitan, this fruits ripen late (at the end of June) and have very strong trees with fruits on the short and mixed branches resulting in a very high productivity. They are medium-large apricots, characterized by a light yellow-orange medium thick skin with slight red shades ad a yellow-orange, compact pulp inside with an excellent flavour.
In the Neapolitan dialect the apricots from the area around the Vesuvius are called “crisommole”, a term which, according to most experts, derives from the Greek word “krysomelos”, which means “golden apples” and underlines their very old origins.
Forty different biotypes of apricots belong to this territory and are all called Vesuvius apricots.
In addition to the Pellecchiella, the most famous are the Ceccona, the Palummella, the San Castrese, the Vitillo, the Fracasso, the Boccuccia Liscia, the Boccuccia Spinosa and the Portici.
Their cultivation is extended to the whole area of the Vesuvius, which means very fertile lands, thanks to their volcanic origin which makes them rich in minerals.
The potassium is the most important one, it influences the organoleptic properties of the fruits and vegetables in general and provides the apricots with a pleasant, rich and sweet flavour.
In addition to the extra jam made of Pellecchiellea pricots, the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo produces also other homemade jams in Somma Vesuviana, like the mulberry extra jam of Mount Somma and the cherry extra jam of Mount Somma. The latter is made with the Malizia cherries, a typical species of the Vesuvius National Park.
The cherries are also sold in the drunken version, whereas from the apricots they make a delicious liqueur.
The fruits of such a fertile and rich soil are therefore used in the best way, as essential ingredients of delicious jams, ideal to start the day with the correct quantity of energy and taste.
The cherry and mulberry extra jams will help you make unique cakes, thanks to their genuine flavour and unmistakable perfume.
For a different combination, you can try the Pellecchielle apricot extra jam with cured cheeses like the Sardinian pecorino cheese, the Roquefort, the Formaggio di Fossa and the natural Gorgonzola.
This jam will be a good choice for your last minute and improvised aperitifs, which will be very successful.
For further info and/or requests about the production of homemade jams in Somma Vesuviana by the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo, you may find all the necessary details to contact the staff in the Contacts section on the website.