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THE festa delle lucerne

Hundreds of oil lamps put into wooden circles, triangles and squares in perspective invade the small streets of Casalmale: it is the Festa delle Lucerne (Festival of the oil lamps) which every four years, at the beginning of August, celebrates Our Lady of the Snows in the medieval village in Somma Vesuviana.

The streets drawn by the oil lamps represent an opening, a gap, a sort of dialogue between death and life. ‘E ccape ‘ morte, the pumpkins with carved eyes and nose with a lamp inside hang from the doors and contribute to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Its pagan origins make us think of a very ancient agricultural ritual, which is presented in the farming domestic life scenes setup at the entrance of each street: sumptuously decked tables with real people or puppets. A female litany comes from the roofs when Our Lady of the Snows is carried around the streets in the village and marks the conclusion of the festival. Casamale or Terra Murata with the Romanesque church of Collegiata, the remains of the 8-metre high Aragon walls, the Vesuvian stone towers, the arches and the ancient houses is one of the most interesting historic villages in the area of the Vesuvius.



Among songs, dances, propitiatory ceremonies and the charming procession of the trawlers, on May 3rd the celebration of the Festa della Montagna (Mountain Festival) and the Madonna del Castello comes to an end. The traditional and folkloristic celebration, which involves Somma Vesuviana and the other villages at the foot of Mount Somma, lasts six days, from the “Sabato dei Fuochi” (Saturday with fires) with the ritual flames to exorcise the fear of the Vesuvius to May 3rd, with the propitiatory rituals for the harvest and the celebrations for Christ’s resurrection. During the afternoon songs, dances, tammorre (traditional frame drums) follow the rhythm of the traditional instruments and finish in the evening with the descent of the “Pertica” (pole) which from the summit of the Mount is brought to the sanctuary and offered to the Madonna di Castello.

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