Azienda Agricola Don Camillo in Somma Vesuviana

An opportunity bequeathed to the Neapolitan farm

Somma Vesuviana is a charming town, which lies in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park, few kilometres from Neaples. In this enchanting location, the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo was established in 2002 by Antonio Iovino Perillo, who wanted to give himself a challenge and show his courage.
He is a tenacious man, who hides all the warmth and energy of the sun and the land around the Vesuvius, with a background as social worker in Naples for many years. After being in touch with very difficult situations, where a helping hand was seen as something suspicious and considered as a possible threat to the pre-established order, the future owner of the farm decided to choose a new path,which was also an old one, in a certain sense. He came back to his origins, and he came back to the foot of the Vesuvius, to his father’s land and to a quiet life in nature.
The Azienda Agricola Don Camillo in Somma Vesuviana includes the lands around the volcano, with their typical black colour which shines in the sun and the only place to grow the Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) tomatoes.

All started bedding out the small plants of Patanara and Principe Borghese tomatoes, which required constancy, commitment and efforts.
The Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes are usually manually harvested in July, the red fruits are put into baskets and then hung up in bunches tied with a hemp string.
After such a hard work, the satisfactions have arrived. Soon the production of the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo in Somma Vesuviana sparked interest and quickly involved other local farms. The success of its products lasts in time and the credit goes to their excellent quality and the constant focus on the customers.
The Piennolo del Vesuvio is the core product and is characterized by a compact pulp and a sweet and round flavour, its matchless flavour is highlighted by an attractive packaging, composed by an elegant box which identifies it and distinguishes it from its “close relatives”.

In addition to this excellent Italian and Neapolitan product, the Azienda Agricola Don Camillo in Somma Vesuviana is committed to growing the yellow tomato Giagiù del Vesuvio and to producing excellent jam and fine liqueurs, which are all homemade following the oldest traditional recipes.
The unmistakable flavours of its products are due to the unique territory where they are grown, namely the Vesuvius National Park, but also to the passion and constancy of untiring workers, who are the real manufacturers of these fine gems.
The farmers are personally and totally involved in the production process, which goes from the preparation of the soil for the seeds to the harvest of the fruits. They work side by side, challenging the climatic conditions that are not always positive.
The company employees are harmoniously distributed according to their various skills, which are reciprocally completed. They create a successful synergy that is the core of the most important recipe: the full satisfaction of their clients.