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Farm in Somma Vesuviana

Azienda Agricola Don Camillo: coming back to the origins to look at the future

Azienda Agricola Don Camillo: coming back to the origins to look at the future
In the heart of the Vesuvius National Park, lies the town of Somma Vesuviana. There, in 2012, Antonio IvinoPerillo started his adventure, after working as social worker in Naples and inheriting the land from his father. He decided to give himself a challenge and established his farm in Somma Vesuviana.
The Azienda Agricola Don Camillo started when he bedded out the small plants of Patanara and Principe Borghese tomatoes in the field. Over time they have given amazing fruits to the consumers and great satisfactions to the workers.
The unique taste of these products is due to the special properties of the land around the volcano, which has a typical black colour and is rich in mineral salts, especially potassium.
The core product of the farm in Somma Vesuviana is the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato, which is also a Slow Food presidium.
The typical tomatoes “col pizzo” (with tip) are manually harvested in July, when the red fruits are put into baskets and then hung up in bunches tied with hemp strings.
This delicious product is the main protagonist of the true Neapolitan pizza, the one “co’ ‘a pummaroala‘ncoppa” (with the tomatoes on top), and is characterized bycompactpulp and sweet flavour.
In addition to the cultivation of this excellentNeapolitan and Italian product, the farm staff grows also the yellow tomatoes Giagiùdel Vesuvio and produces many fruit jams (apricot, cherries and mulberries) and fine liqueurs (nut, apricot), which are rigorously homemade following the oldest traditions.
The company employees are organized to complete and harmonize their skills, creating the perfect synergy to make excellent products.

Our products

Tomato production Piennolo

Piennolo tomato

A typical local production, DOP protected status and Slow Food presidium. Available as fresh or processed product.

Extra fruit jams

Extra fruit jams

Mulberries, cherries from Mount Somma and apricots from the Vesuvius are the main ingredients for delicious jams.

Crafts liqueurs

Homemade liqueurs

Old recipes and manual skills for a selection of liqueurs with an unmistakable flavour and many beneficial properties.


AZIENDA AGRICOLA DON CAMILLO: the best of the Vesuvian agriculture

Azienda Agricola Don Camillo: the best of the Vesuvian agriculture
This farm in Somma Vesuviana counts on an important resource: the fertile and generous soil of the Vesuvius National Park. It is the base of all its typical activities, from the Piennolo tomato production to the homemade liqueurs. Over time the agriculture in the Vesuvius area has gained attention and respect, thanks to the dedication and passion of the workers who grow the land from morning to evening.
The famous Piennolotomatoes are manually harvested, the red fruits are manually hung up in bunches in the Neapolitan houses and transformed intoa delicious supply for the winter.
The farm in Somma Vesuvianalies at the foot of the Vesuvius, which is also famous as SommaVesuvio, because it is composed by two volcanoes, the “old” Mount Somma and the “young” Vesuvius.
The transition of the volcano to a period of quiescence duct obstructed has enabled the development of the local agriculture, which exploits the lava soil and its precious mineral salts, which are responsible for the rich and typical flavour of its amazing fruits.